The Awkwardness of Common Places Series: Elevated in the Morning

Elevators are particularly awkward in the morning. First, the rush in. Hands hold the door so it does not crush anyone. Then comes the pressing of buttons, clumsily, coffee in hand maybe, or music still crying out of earphones. A mix of techno with whiny morning music. The Kooks maybe? Someone screams ‘hold the door!”. Right when it is closing. “Do I still fit?”, and “how much do you all weight?” are classics at this time of day. Then the wait. Stopping in every floor is a must. Awkward silence. “It is cold today” someone will say just to avoid realizing that they are stuck in a moving box with strangers early in the morning. They were all cozy in bed not long ago. The dread of coming into work, delivering each of the passengers when the time comes and pushing them out into the start of their day.

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